Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Mehr Nastaliq Web on my Windows Machine? ( Back to top)

Windows XP

Users of Windows XP need to follow three steps to install Mehr Nastaliq Web Font on their computer.


Users of Windows7/Windows8/Windows10 need to follow only two steps to install Mehr Nastaliq Web Font on their computers.

Install Urdu Font

There are two methods of installing a font:



Install Urdu Support

This procedure applies only if you are running a non-Arabic version of Microsoft Windows XP.

Install Keyboard

Switch keyboard layouts

Do one of the following:

Can I use Mehr Nastaliq Web on my android smart phone? ( Back to top)

Yes! Mehr Nastaliq Web is supported on Android 4.3 and above.

How do I install Mehr Nastaliq Web on Android? ( Back to top)


Download and install this app


The iFont app can be used for changing fonts. The only issue is that it works only with Samsung devices, Xiaomi Meizu and Huawei. It also supports HTC, Sony and Motorola rooted handsets.

On non-rooted devices:

You can also copy TrueType fonts (TTF) from your PC to the /sdcard/ifont/custom directory; the said fonts will appear on the Custom tab. But to be able to install and use the fonts, you will need a rooted device. (For a guide on using this app on rooted devices, see the iFont subsection under “Methods requiring root.”)

iFont is free and shows no ads. However, CSaLT would not be responsible for the behavior of and any harm done via any third party apps.

How do I use kasheeda (elongate)? ( Back to top)

The tatweel (elongation) key is used for creating kasheeda. Any charcter that needs to be elongated needs to be followed by kasheeda. The Unicode for kasheeda is U+0640. If this key is not supported on your keayboard then you may download and install Mehr Keyboard from here. The elongation key on Mehr Keyboard is Shift+".

Note: Mehr Nastaliq Web Beta only provides limited support for kasheeda. Kasheeda can only be used with the basic forms of the following characters:

ب پ ت ٹ ث س ش ف ک گ 

For example:

بـ پـ تـ ٹـ ثـ سـ شـ فـ کـ گـ 

And the word final forms of the following characters:

ب پ ت ٹ ث ف ک گ 

For example:

ببـ بپـ بتـ بٹـ بثـ بفـ بکـ بگـ 

Can Mehr Nastaliq Web be used with desktop publishing softwares? ( Back to top)

Mehr Nastaliq web is designed for web publishing. It can be used with destop publishing softwares but is not the most appropriate soultion for it.

How to see Facebook and Twitter in Mehr Nastaliq Web Font? ( Back to top)