Sawaal: Polly Quiz

Sawaal is a voice-based, telephone-based forum for sharing general knowledge questions and competing with friends. Sawaal allows a user to attempts questions posted by the administrators as well as general public. Users can also post questions of their own. Each question requires multiple answer choices (3-5) and the one of these choices needs to be marked as the correct answer. Users can also forward questions to friends and challenge them to competitions. Within a month Sawaal accumulated 2,700 questions posted by 160 users. The available questions were attempted 74,000 times by 400 users and forwarded 6,800 times to friends. Most of the questions fall into the category of sports, religion and general knowledge. Posted content is closely monitored for signs of misuse.

We plan to use Sawaal to disseminate information and understand the effects of increased user engagement on behavior change.